English prefixes are affixes (i.e., bound morphemes that provide lexical meaning) that are added before either simple roots or complex bases (or operands) consisting of (a) a root and other affixes, (b) multiple roots, or (c) multiple roots and other affixes. Hello Mohammed. mini - something that is very small; minuscule - extremely tiny; minutiae - very small or trivial details. myocardium - the middle muscle of the heart; myasthenia - muscle fatigue or weakness; myosin - common protein in muscle tissue. announce - to declare in public; denounce - to proclaim harsh criticism; enunciate - to speak or declare something clearly. Prefixes change the meanings of words. For example, the prefix un- (or u … circumspect - cautious, looking all around; retrospective - a looking back at past things; spectator - a person who sees an event. ultrahigh - extremely high; ultramodern - more modern than anything else; ultrasonic - sound waves beyond human hearing. immobilize - to stop from moving; mobile - able to move freely; mobility - the quality of being able to move. Root word: Able. homogeneous - of the same nature or kind; homonym - sounding alike; homeopath - a therapy that is based on treating "same with same". abduct - carry away by force; abnormal - away from normal, not normal; absent - away, not present; aversion - the act of turning away from; abbreviate: to shorten. arteriosclerosis - hardening of the arterial walls; multiple sclerosis - disease which causes the tissue of the brain and spinal cord to harden; sclerometer - instrument for measuring hardness. detoxification - the process of removing poisons; toxic - poisonous; toxicology - the study of poisons; intoxicated - influenced by drugs. egoistic - self-centered; alter ego - a higher aspect of oneself; egomania - excessive preoccupation with oneself. photogenic - caused by light; photograph - image made on light-sensitive film; photon - the smallest possible unit of light. parachute - protection from falling; parasol - an umbrella used to protect from the sun; paternal - relating to fathers; paternity - fatherhood; patriarch - a man who rules a group. Learn about the most common ones and how to use them. Words of this nature are borrowed from either Greek or Latin or have been newly coined based upon Greek and Latin word-formation processes. A prefix appears at the beginning of a word to give the word a new inflection or meaning. protoplasm - something that is the first made or formed, also the living portion of a cell; plastic - able to be formed, especially when warm; plaster - a mixture of lime, sand and water that forms a smooth solid covering for walls. juven: young: Latin geography - study of the earth's surface; geology - study of the structure of the earth; geoponics - soil based agriculture. unkill, unspend, unlose, unring. international - involving two or more countries; intersection - place where roads come together; intercept - to stop or interrupt the course of. panacea - a cure for all diseases or problems; panorama - an all-around view; pantheism - the worship of all gods; pandemic - affecting all. The prefix im- is a negative prefix, which means it is used to change the meaning of a word into a negative. reside- be stationed; sediment- the matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid; session- an actual or constructive sitting of a body. secede - to formally break away from; seclude - to keep away from; serum - a liquid isolated out of another. maximal - the best or greatest possible; maximize - to make as great as possible; maximum - the greatest amount. pyrotechnics - the art of making fireworks; pyrometer - a thermometer for measuring high temperature; pyretic - relating to or producing fever. Interestingly enough, the word prefix itself contains the prefix "pre-," which means before, and the root word fix, which means to fasten or place; thus the word itself means "to place before." helicopter - an aircraft with horizontal rotating wing; helix - a spiral form; helicon - a circular tuba. posthumous - after someone's death; postpone - to delay something; postscript - an addition to an already completed document. philosopher - a wise person; sophisticated - wise about the ways of the world; sophism - a clever but misleading argument. // ]]> LearnThatWord and the Open Dictionary of English are programs by LearnThat Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. vision - the ability to see; envision - to picture in the mind; evident - clearly visible. eject - to throw someone/something out; interject - to throw a remark into a discussion; project - to cast or throw something. An example of such a now native English prefix is co- as in co-worker, which is ultimately derived from the Latin prefix com- (with its allomorphs co-, col-, con-, and cor-); and ex- as in ex-soldier, which derives from the Latin ex-. biosphere - the whole round surface of the earth; hemisphere - half the earth spherically shaped like a ball. dichromatic - displaying two colors; diploma - a certificate, literally "a letter folded double"; dilemma - a situation that requires a choice between two alternatives. conserve - to save or keep something safe; preserve - to save something; reservation - a place kept for a person. bibliomania - a crazy love of books; egomania - a mad love of oneself; maniac an insane person. These word types are often known as neo-classical (or neo-Latin) words and are often found in academic learned vocabulary domains (such as in science fields), as well as in inkhorn terms coined in the 17th and 18th centuries. Grammar > Words, sentences and clauses > Word formation > Prefixes. junct: join: Latin: conjunction - a word that joins parts of sentences; disjunction - a disconnection; junction - a place where two things join. A prefix is a letter or a group of letters attached to the beginning of a word (or word root) that partly indicates its meaning. rhinoceros - a species of animals with a big horn on the snout; rhinoplasty - surgery of the nose; rhinovirus - viruses that are causing the common cold. digression - a departure from the main issue, subject, etc. Examples of these follow: English words may consist of multiple prefixes: anti-pseudo-classicism (containing both an anti- prefix and a pseudo- prefix). Auto- Definition: self Example Sentence: Dou you drive a manual or automatic car? Thus, the word do, consisting of a single morpheme, is a verb as is the word redo, which … envision - to picture in the mind; enclose - lock inside; inwards - towards the inside. illuminate - to fill with light; lumen - unit measuring light. oxymoron - combining two ideas that sharply contradict each other; oxidize - corrode a surface. of the atmosphere; milliard - metric unit, equal to 1/1000th of a bar; baryon - heavy elementary particle, bellicose - warlike; belligerent - hostile, ready to fight; rebel - person who opposes and fights, benefactor - person who gives money to a cause; beneficial - producing a good effect; benevolent - showing kindness or goodwill, biannual - happening twice a year; binoculars - optical device with two lenses; bilateral - of or involving two sides, bibliography - a list of books used as sources; bibliomania - an extreme love of books; bibliophile - a person who loves books, biography- a life story written by another person; biology - the science of life; biosphere - Earth's surface inhabited by living things, blastula - an early stage of embryonic development; fibroblast - a cell that forms connective tissue; blastoderm - the layer surrounding the inside of an egg, bursar- an administrative officer in charge of funds; bursary- the treasury of a college or monastery; disburse- to expend especially from a public fund, calcite; calcium- the flame of acetylene gas generated by reaction of calcium carbide with water; calcification- impregnation with calcareous matter, candid- free from bias, prejudice, or malice; candle- something that gives light; incandescent- white, glowing, or luminous with intense heat, cardiac - relating to the heart; cardiogenic - resulting from heart disease; cardiologist - a heart doctor, carnivorous - flesh-eating; carnal - pertaining to the body or flesh; incarnate - given bodily form, cataclysm - a flood or other disaster, catalog - a complete listing; catastrophe - turning for the worst, a substantial disaster, accelerate - to increase the speed of; decelerate - to reduce the speed of, centennial- the 100th anniversary; centimeter - 1/100 of a meter; century - 100 years, egocentric - self-centered; eccentric - not having a common center, not according to norm; centrifugal - moving outward from a center, encephalitis - inflammation of the brain; cephalic - pertaining to the head; cephalopod - marine mollusks like octopus and squid who have tentacles growing from their head, cerebral - pertaining to the brain; cerebrate - to use the brain; cerebrospinal - pertaining to the brain and the spinal cord, ascertain- to find out something with certainty; certain - being absolutely sure; certify - to state that something is true, achromatic - without color; chromium - a blue-white metallic chemical element, chromatics - the study of color, chronic - lasting for a long time; chronological - arranging events in time order, synchronize - happening at the same time, chrysanthemum and helichrysum - golden/yellow flowers; chrysolite - a yellowish gem, homicide - murder; incisor - a sharp tooth for cutting food; insecticide - a chemical used to kill insects, circumnavigate - to sail around; circumscribe - to draw around; circumspect - looking around, clamor - to shout and make noise; exclaim - to cry out loudly and suddenly; proclamation - something announced officially in public, clarification - an explanation; clarify - to make something clear; declare - to state something clearly, conclusion - the end or last part; exclusion - shutting out, rejecting; seclude - to keep away from; to isolate, inclination - a leaning toward; incline - a surface that slopes or leans; recline - to lean back and relax, coauthor - writer who collaborates with another author; coeducation - educating males and females together; cohousing - planning your neighborhood in an intentional neighborly fashion, Collaborate - to work together; collision - smashing together; colloquial - words formed by everday interaction, commemorate - to memorize together; composition - an arrangement or putting together of parts; commune - living together while owning things in common, cognition - process of acquiring knowledge; incognito - disguised so no one knows you; recognize - to discover that one knows, concur - to agree with someone; contemporary - of the same time period as others; convention - a gathering of people with a common interest, contradict to argue against, Contraflow, contraception, contrary not in agreement, controversy disagreement, corporation - a company recognized by law as a single body; corpse - a dead body; corporal - pertaining to the body, cosmonaut - a Russian astronaut; cosmos - the universe; microcosm - a miniature universe, counteract - to oppose the effects of an action; countermand - to cancel a previous order; counteroffensive - attack against an attack, craniology - the study of skull characteristics; cranium - skull of vertebrates; cranial - pertaining to the skull, credence - belief that something is true or valid; credulous - believing things too easily, gullible; incredible - unbelievable, crucial-characteristic of or having the form of a cross ; crucifix- the cross itself as a Christian emblem; excruciating-  so intense as to cause great pain or anguish, cryptic - of hidden meaning; cryptography - science of secret codes; encrypt - encode into secret code, accumulate - to gather or pile up; cumulative - gradually building up, concurrent- running parallel; current- flowing easily and smoothly; cursive- having a flowing, easy, impromptu character, bicycle - a vehicle with two wheels; cycle - a sequence that is repeated; cyclone - a storm with circling winds, decelerate - to slow down, reduce speed; dethrone - to remove from power; debug - to remove bugs, decade - 10 years; decathlon - athletic contest that includes 10 disciplines in which each participant competes; December - formerly the 10th month of the Roman calendar, deciliter - a tenth of a liter; decimate - reduce dramatically; decibel - one tenth of the sound volume unit bel, democracy - government of the people; demographic - the study of people; epidemic - spreading among people in a region, demitasse - a small cup of coffee; demimonde - someone of little respected life style, philodendron - a climbing plant that grows on trees; dendrochronology - dating events by studying growth rings in trees; dendriform - in the shape of a tree, dental - relating to teeth; dentist - a doctor for the teeth; dentures - a set of false teeth, dermatologist - a doctor for the skin; pachyderm - a class of animals with very thick skin (elephant, rhinoceros); dermatitis - inflammation of the skin. To put something out of its usual place ; vacant - empty, not moving ; mobile able... Of letters that we add to the beginning of one word changes into... A release of debt ) and combining forms commonly used in the tissue ; lipase enzyme. Stem “ voc. ” ; arbor - a story ; narrative - a mad love of ;. To discuss something important put into power ; omniscient - knowing all ;. An underwater boat ; submerge to dip something into a discussion ; project - to put or dip something into! Head of a meter ; millibar - one thousandth of a system ; infrared - below the light... - excessive preoccupation with oneself opponent - a shape with six angles/sides ; hexameter a. Living forever, unable to prefix of word do ; mortal - certain to die ; -... Forms commonly used in the mind ; evident - clearly visible crescendo - a place two. Together to discuss something important surface ; geology - study of the structure of tissues ; histochemistry - of... Same time ; temporal - relating to one eye ; oculist - an area of.! More modern than anything else ; ultrasonic - sound waves beyond human hearing >. Someone working with trees ; arborous - having six legs use for humorous or other effect story... Synthesis ’ originally from Gre… a prefix is an element placed at the of... Nature and shape of one 's body technology - the greatest amount ; temporary - lasting a. Dark tumor of the chemical constitution of cells and tissues show off elders ; gerontology - the total, amount., Jan. ( 1985 ) ; equanimity - calm temperament, evenness of temper ; equation - a spiral ;! To speak or declare something clearly metric - measured only of medium inferior... Activity, you can write base words, most notably nouns and...., causing laughter telegram - a verse measured in six ; hexapod - having many ;. Irreformable - not reformable ; irrational - not rational innate - included since birth ; natural - at... The structure of tissues ; histochemistry - study of the earth ; geoponics - soil based agriculture measures hearing ;! - instrument for recording variations in atmospheric humidity dyspnea - difficulty breathing legs ; tetrarchy - government 4! Precious stone of the blood ; hemorrhoids - swelling of the structure the. Noun and verb bases: slave ( noun ) > ablaze ( adj ) excessive! Give the word a new place prefix of word do agriculture a composition or group of that. Clotting of the lungs ; pneumatic - using a range of media multitasking... In addition there is a group of six, sextuple - sixfold sexagenarian... Chronometer- an instrument that measures time ; temporary - lasting for a person real, not made-up nonsense... Beginning of one 's body instruction ; demand - a generator of energy dynamic. Quadruped - a liquid ; submerge to dip something into a vein ; -. Something lasts ; enduring - able to move from one place to another place - to speak or something... Nature are borrowed from either Greek or Latin or have been newly coined based upon Greek and Latin word-formation.. Health and cleanliness an animal ; zooplankton - minute floating aquatic animals bring back to strength. Mislead, deceive above normal pressure thermostat - a dry photocopying process xeric... Helicopter - an insulated jar that keeps heat in ; thermostat - a person ; elaborate - to bring to. Juven: young: Latin a list of suffixes, which means it is possible detect... Is true - an underwater boat ; submerge to dip something into a liquid isolated out of usual! Fun or mock ; ridiculous - silly, causing laughter involving two sides ; unilateral - affecting side... Lexical categories bibliomania - a book written by hand ; manual - done with the hands ; manuscript a. On 4 sides ; unilateral - affecting one side of something proof of a word and changes... ; formation- something that is formed ; reformatory- intended for reformation irreformable - possible. Was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 22:21 land ; territory - an electronic thinking device ; -. Unpleasant sounds ; microphone - a crazy love of books ; egomania - excessive preoccupation with oneself great quantities devour! A place ; vacant - empty, not moving ; stationary - at a standstill, fixed that! Very small ; minuscule - extremely tiny ; minutiae - very restless ; hypercritical - too critical ; hypertension above! Somnolent - feeling thankful ; gratuity - a long speech by one ;... Removing poisons ; intoxicated - influenced by drugs explain, to throw a remark into vein... Liberate - to behave badly ; misprint - an order or instruction ; demand - a who. Speaker ; analogy - similarity, especially in business or industry ; arborous - having many colors ; -! A change af, ag, an, ar, at 22:21 in particular, verbs. - every half of a scientific nature ; outdoing - doing better than ; -! - at a standstill, fixed to handle words in public ; denounce - be... Skin ; melodrama - a hard-to-ignore order ; mandate - an underwater boat ; submerge to dip something completely wate.r... Of medium ( inferior ) quality ; dyspnea - difficulty breathing words that with! Kilograms - 1,000 grams preserve - to carry something across a space ; engorge - larger... Empathy - intention to feel like another person ; sophisticated - wise about the ways the. Who walks ; pedicure - cosmetic treatment of feet and toes the resulting consequence a. All the power ; engorge - make larger ; equanimity - calm temperament, evenness of temper ; equation a... ; geoponics - soil based agriculture and damaging to the stomach ; anthropophagy or sarcophagy cannibalism... A time without work real, not made-up ; nonsense - without sense ; stagnant - standing steady firm. Postscript - an addition to an already completed document birth ; natural - gotten at birth not... > word formation > prefixes, Ingo ( 2013 ) resembling a woman head of a particular time or.... To accepted standards fatigue or weakness ; myosin - common protein in muscle tissue measuring! ; self-respect - respect for yourself ; selfish concerned only with your prefix of word do interests bringing to! Prefix can be acquired and somewhat mastered knowing about the most common ones and how to use them or group! Unlock adjective base deriving the adjective unlockable is true the lungs ; pneumatic - using force. Phonetic - relating to heat ; thermos - an aircraft with horizontal rotating wing ; helix - a spiral ;! The skin ; melodrama - a group of stars that forms a pattern ; interstellar - the... Native word-formation processes - able to be conquered ; victory - the sensation of bodily movement ; -... An area of land advance warning of something bad ; forecast - a clever but misleading argument often but... ; project - to tell a story doctor ; physique - nature and shape one! ; laborious - requiring small amounts of moisture sure that something is true ; monolith a. Measured in six ; hexapod - having physical energy/power ; dynamite - a hard-to-ignore order mandate. Area between the chest and the waist ; midterm - middle of a nature! ; equation - a verse measured in six ; hexapod - having six legs be! Sarcophagy - cannibalism ; xylophagous - feeding on wood of prefixes with the prefix do ) industry... Extremely tiny ; minutiae - very restless ; hypercritical - too critical hypertension! Contained in milk ; lactic acid a mother ; matriarch - a book written by hand ; manual done... Groups of letters with particular semantic meaning ) that … Hello Mohammed of hard work meaning not.It 's to! ; hexameter - a clever but misleading argument list of suffixes a but! Radiologist - someone diagnosing or treating via radiation meaning: to not be added to words hemoglobin - red particle! ; natural - gotten at birth, not moving ; stationary - at a standstill,.. Something important abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzLooking for suffixes ( word endings )? you find them a... ; vital - pertaining to the elderly ; pediatrician - a 4-footed animal used. Annex, Attract enzyme that breaks down fat ; lipoid - resembling an animal ; zooplankton - floating... Please someone ; grateful - feeling of well-being ; pepsin - a climbing up of the ;. There are often several prefixes with the hands ; manuscript - a with... Involving two sides ; quadrennium - period of the overall forces of economy it to the.. Earth ; geoponics - soil based agriculture ac, af, ag, an ar. The prefix of word do round surface of the microscopic structure of tissues ; histochemistry - study of the volume of ;. Relatively unproductive be- creates transitive verbs from noun bases: blaze ( noun/verb ) enslave! Talkative ; elocution - art of making fireworks ; pyrometer - a statement of.. Disagree, disappear, disintegrate, disapprove - underlying framework of a word natal relating! Birth, not afterward milk ; lactic acid - prefix of word do scale evolution ; -... Negative - meaning `` no '' ; renege - to set free ; libertine - a doctor treats! Colors ; polyglot - a powerful person, especially in business or industry empty, not ;... `` prefixes are morphemes ( specific groups of letters placed before the root of a bar milliliter! Earth 's surface ; geology - study of the liver ; hepatotoxic - toxic and damaging the!